The Simple 5-Step Strategy Depersonalization & Anxiety Sufferers Are Using To Eliminate Their Symptoms In As Little As 4 Weeks

(Without talk therapy, anxiety meds, or positive thinking)


In this presentation you will discover...

  • The Step-by-Step game plan my clients use to break free from depersonalization, derealization, anxiety, panic attacks, emotional numbness, and other symptoms of trauma in as little as 8 weeks… even if they've been struggling for years

  • Why talking about past traumas is NOT necessary and can actually make you MORE traumatized and how my clients are using their bodies to finally break free from their symptoms and heal!

  • How one client healed from trauma after 18 years of suffering in less than three months… without having to distract her mind 24/7 or try to mentally accept her symptoms....

  • Why mental acceptance, mental distraction, external reassurance seeking, positive thinking, and positive affirmations are “the hamster wheel method”…and how anyone can use their body to influence the nervous system and get their symptoms to permanently shut off…

  • AND…how to do ALL of this without having to talk about past traumas or even know what your traumas are…


Jordan Hardgrave

Certified Trauma and Resiliency Life Coach

Worked with over 5,000 trauma sufferers

Best Selling Author

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